How does it work?

We act as a middlemen between you and a network operator. You start by creating a new order, which requires a phone number, a network operator, and the amount to top up. Then we generate a Monero address that you will use to pay for the order. Once the order is paid, we will place an order with the operator. If all goes well, you will receive a text message with a confirmation on the provided phone number.

How much does the service cost?

The fee for our services is 45 Kč.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept Monero.

Why don't you accept XYZ cryptocurrency?

We believe Monero is the right tool for the job in our case. It's fast, has low fees, and offers unparalleled privacy. If you already have some cryptocurrency, it's actually easy to swap a part of your coins to Monero. We recommend as a source of trusted online exchanges.

What do you do with my phone number?

All the data you submit to us are used solely for the purpose of filling your order. This requires sharing your phone number and the top-up amount with a network operator. After the order is complete we keep the data for additional 10 days then it is deleted.